Behavioral Services for Autism & Related Disorders


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The Stepping Stones Group provides a range of services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, children at risk for developmental delays, and children with behavioral challenges. Our multi-disciplinary approach makes use of evidence-based practices to develop an individualized program for children and families.

Intensive Behavioral Intervention programs are developed for children who are showing significant delays across multiple areas of development. This may include delays in communication, social and cognitive abilities, play and leisure skills, and self-care. The emphases of these programs are to close gaps in the child’s development and maximize their potential for independence.
When your child’s behavior is disruptive to daily routines across home, school, and/or community settings, focused behavior support can be extremely helpful. We deliver Positive Behavior Support to resolve challenging behaviors of all kinds. The process begins with developing a clear understanding of the reason for the behavior, and what your child gains from engaging in it. We then emphasize eliminating these challenging behaviors and teaching your child more appropriate and adaptive ways of getting their needs met.
The Stepping Stones Group provides social skills groups to children with autism to help address their unique social needs that are better met through group-based learning environments with their peers. As a supplement to individual (1 on 1) intervention programs social skills groups can help children with autism generalize and maintain their emerging or acquired social skills.
The Stepping Stones Group offers Early Start services that focus on addressing social-emotional needs of infants and toddlers under three years of age through parent-mediated intervention that focuses on improving the parent-child relationship. Occupational, speech and language, and physical therapy consultation are offered as part of our Early Start services to help address more pronounced sensory, communication, and motor-related needs. These services represent an important part of our multidisciplinary team.
Parents and family members of children with special needs often experience a range of emotions that can undermine the family’s well-being. This may include feelings of grief and loss, stress and frustration, being overwhelmed, guilt, and loneliness. Families need a place to turn when they experience feelings and concerns like these. With parent and caregiver education and related support services, The Stepping Stones Group can help families cope with the challenges associated with raising a child with special needs, while building their capacity for intervention, advocacy, and knowledge. Families are encouraged to learn more about the individual, couples, and family counseling services, in addition to the parent and sibling support groups we offer in our Psychological Services division.

Support that meets unique challenges with focused, patient expertise.

Behavioral and psychological services for students, school districts, and SELPAs are delivered through our educational services division, Evidence Based Resources Applied in Education (ERA ED). ERA ED services focus on addressing the needs of students by integrating evidence-based practices into their educational programs to ensure they can access and benefit from their education program while participating in the least restrictive environment. For more on ERA ED please visit
The California Department of Developmental Services is the agency through which the State of California provides services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. These disabilities include intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and related conditions. Services are provided through state-operated developmental centers and community facilities, and contracts with 21 nonprofit regional centers. The regional centers serve as a local resource to help find and access the services and support available to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Visit DDS »

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