Center-Based ABA Therapy


Center-based ABA therapy provides children with a safe and supportive environment for learning and growth. Our center-based ABA therapy programs are designed to maximize progress and provide a high level of individualized support.



Choosing an ABA Therapy Center


Choosing between in-home and center-based ABA therapy can be a tough decision for parents of children with autism. While in-home therapy offers convenience and flexibility, center-based therapy can provide a structured learning environment with access to a wider range of resources and staff expertise. In addition, center-based therapy allows for children to interact with peers who are also receiving therapy, which can aid in socialization and generalization of skills.


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Center-Based ABA Therapy Techniques


In a center-based ABA program, therapists work with children in a clinical setting, which can provide a more structured and focused environment for learning. Centers also have access to a wide range of resources and materials, such as visual aids, social stories, and sensory equipment, that may not be available in a home setting. Therapists use evidence-based techniques to teach new skills, such as Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET), and may also use tools like behavior charts and reinforcement schedules to monitor progress and reward positive behavior.


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What to Expect from Center-Based Autism Programs



Center-based ABA therapy can provide a structured and supportive setting for children with autism to learn and grow, and it can be an effective option for families seeking a comprehensive approach to treatment.

During an ABA therapy session, the behavior technician will work one-on-one with your child, using evidence-based techniques and interventions to teach them new skills and address challenging behaviors. They will use positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behaviors and may also use prompting and fading techniques to help your child learn at their own pace. The technician will track your child's progress and modify the treatment plan as needed to ensure your child is making steady progress towards their goals

Benefits of Center-Based ABA Therapy


ABA therapy in a center-based setting provides a unique environment for children to learn and grow. With access to specialized equipment, games, and social activities, children are able to develop skills in a dynamic and engaging environment. By working with experienced clinicians in a dedicated therapy space, children are able to make progress toward their goals and build a foundation for long-term success.

  • Access to a wide range of resources and equipment
  • Consistent environment for learning and skill-building
  • Opportunities for socialization and peer interaction
  • Increased accountability and oversight from supervisors
  • Intentionally structured environment to reduce distractions



Autism Centers Near You

At our ABA therapy centers, we provide comprehensive and evidence-based services to support your child's growth and development. With locations across the country, we offer center-based ABA services in a collaborative, constructive environment. We're committed to working closely with families to create individualized treatment plans that address their child's unique needs, and our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.




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Tales of Transformation


The Stepping Stones Group is dedicated to offering the best center-based ABA therapy for children with autism and related disorders. Our commitment to excellence can be seen through the positive experiences shared by families who have utilized our services. Don't just take our word for it, see what they have to say!

Frequently Asked Questions About ABA Therapy Centers

Get to Know Your Local ABA Experts

If you're searching for an ABA program near you, look no further than The Stepping Stones Group's ABA therapy centers. Our team of expert and caring behavior technicians and BCBAs collaborate with families to create tailored treatment plans that cater to the specific requirements of each child. With our center-based ABA therapy services offered throughout the country, we're dedicated to providing access to our evidence-based approach to families who need it. Reach out to us today to discover more about our center-based ABA services.

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