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School Services

We provide therapeutic behavioral health services to a variety of public school districts and private learning centers

Our family of Special Education brands includes; Cumberland Therapy (CTS), MyTherapyCompany (MTC), AlphaVista (AV) and Staffing Options & Solutions (SOS). Our combined and respected brands, clinical leadership team and collaborative solutions makes us a premier education provider in over 24 states!

Our commitment to you!
  • We make sure our clinicians have the resources to do their job effectively so that your students are served appropriately
  • We have a dedicated and experienced clinical leadership team
  • We utilize best practices for educationally relevant interventions

Our organizational structure includes a Field Management Team that consists of highly skilled professionals who provide support and guidance to our staff. They serve as the liaison between the company and the district. They excel in the following areas: leadership, effective communication, mentoring and problem solving.


If you are in need of a full-time or part-time special education specialist, we can help. Send us a request and let's get started!

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One Company, Nationally Respected Special Education Brands Working together to provide stronger, more committed partnerships.