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Water activities for summer

June 12, 2018

We have all been waiting for it, but now that it is here, what will we do?  I am not talking about vacations or camps, I am talking about those lazy summer days when it’s too hot to do anything, but the kids need to have some fun!  My favorite activities with my kids is…

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What I wish I knew: Advice to College Grads, Part 2

June 6, 2018

Hi, again! Here is your “What I wish I knew: Advice to College Grads, Part 2”.  This blog will be focusing on your new job and what to keep in mind as you start your new job and school year.   Here’s some advice from one school psychologist to you: It takes 5 years. Just…

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Speech and Language: May Activities

May 30, 2018

It’s May and the end is in sight. The temperatures are growing hotter and you can feel summer’s presence right around the corner. The kids are antsy and you are frantically trying to close out the school year smoothly while keeping it together. This can sometimes be the best time of the year, and the…

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Self-Care: How to survive stress

May 28, 2018

Most of us start to feel a bit of stress towards the end of the semester.  Summer break seems so far away and the days just stretch endlessly ahead of you.  This is usually when stress starts to set in, if it hasn’t already taken hold. What can we do?  Well, far too often our…

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Surviving End of Year Standardized Tests

May 23, 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s time for your child to take the end of year standardized test.  Every state has something similar for their schools although it might be under a different name.  So, this time of year can be very stressful for…

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Better Speech And Hearing Month

May 16, 2018

The month of May always make us think of flowers blooming, birds chirping, warmer weather, and the end of the school year!  May, for us SLPs, is Better Speech and Hearing Month! It can be such a fun time to draw awareness to our field and tell everyone more about what we do on a…

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What I Wish I Knew: Advice To College Grads, Part 1

May 9, 2018

Let me be first to say congratulations! You made it through the long study hours, the tests, the Praxis, the many graduate classes. You walked across the stage and now have your diploma in hand. Awesome! Now what? This blog will focus on finding a job. Here’s some advice from one school psychologist to you:…

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Children’s Mental Health

May 2, 2018

With so much negativity out in our world, especially with easy access to social media, it’s time to encourage children, young people and adults to celebrate their uniqueness and focus on the positive.  They get enough negative focused talk from home and school.  I’m not say there’s anything wrong with the different Anti-Bullying, Anti-Drugs, Anti-Alcohol,…

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Helping Our Teachers Understand

April 25, 2018

If you have been doing this for a while, I am sure you have felt like everything gets dumped at your doorstep with little or no understanding to what it is we do.   Most days I am met in the hallway being asked by a teacher to listen to a child with articulation errors and…

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Earth Day And You

April 18, 2018

Earth Day is one of the holidays that can be easily overlooked, especially in special education. So consider, what does Earth Day mean to you?  Is this just another day for you or do you focus on sharing the importance of our planet to your children and/or students? Now remember, children may not be able to…

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